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Take ZEN BOX From Sublime Beauty Naturals® For a "Test Drive"

Take ZEN BOX From Sublime Beauty Naturals® For a "Test Drive"
The New Monthly Subscription Box, ZEN BOX, Has Set Up a Single Purchase of its February Box so those Interested Can Test it. The First Box Includes Frankincense, Lavender and Immune Boost Essential Oils.
St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) March 09, 2016
ZEN BOX, a monthly subscription box of therapeutic quality essential oils, is available on a one-time purchase basis for those who would like to test it before committing.
"We know that essential oils are relatively new to many, and wanted to allow one-time purchases of our February box," says Kathy Heshelow, founder of ZEN BOX and Sublime Beauty Naturals. "We included essential oils that everyone should have: Lavender, Frankincense and the Zen Immune Boost Blend."
Those who purchase will also received a Profile Information Sheet, to learn more about each essential oil, how to use them and interesting facts.
This week ONLY (to Saturday March 12th 2016), a 25% Off discount is available with coupon code TESTDRIVEZEN. Copy the code and purchase here.
Want to know more about essential oils and ZEN BOX? Visit http://www.zenbox-essentialoils.com
Subscribers who want to join the ZEN BOX family for monthly delivery sign up before midnight of the 15th each month; the boxes are shipped the 20th; and rebilling is the 30th. Subscribers have full control of their account, and have a chance to earn a free box when they refer 3 friends who subscribe.

Get an Exclusive Look Inside the March Allure Beauty Box You Won't Want to Miss

Get an Exclusive Look Inside the March Allure Beauty Box You Won't Want to Miss
Spring has sprung (or will spring soon, hopefully). And while you're cleaning out your closet, flipping your mattress, and finally tossing those old condiments from the back of your fridge, it's probably time to give your hair and skin a little attention, too. But we're not talking a simple shampoo session. We're talking really, really clean. This month's Allure Beauty Box has three products that take it a step further, plus four more to help you pamper and perfect your newly cleansed self. These seven products won't disappoint.
First up, DP Hue ACV rinse, which might sound like those DIY apple-cider-vinegar hair rinses you see on Pinterest. But it's oh so much better: Argan oil, aloe, and glycerin ensure your hair remains shiny and soft while the vinegar gets rid of all that gunky, dulling product buildup. Macadamia Professional Ultra Rich Moisture Cleansing Conditioner is an incredibly hydrating and gentle way to cleanse your hair. When your skin is feeling really gunked up, the Julep Konjac Cleansing Face Sponge is an all-natural option that exfoliates while unclogging pores. Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder will set your makeup and mattify your skin, and because you need such a small amount, the deluxe sample size will last you a while. Nunzio Saviano Anti-Frizz Sheets are the most convenient, travel-friendly way to tame frizz. There are two in the box, so you can use one at home and toss one in your bag for midday touch-ups. An adorable Cargo duo of blush in Catalina and bronzer in Medium will give your skin a luminous glow when used individually, or you can swirl them together for allover warmth. Lastly, a full-size L'Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Lipcolor in either Timeless Rosé, Toujours Teaberry, or Violet Parfait will deposit full-on color that will not budge and comes with a balm for when the color starts to feels dry.
Yep, you read that right. All that in our March Allure Beauty Box. Sign up here by March 9 and get everything listed above delivered right to your door. The best part? Next month you'll get a whole other round.

YouTube Star Bunny Meyer Talks Negativity, Lipstick & Creepy Baby Dolls

YouTube Star Bunny Meyer Talks Negativity, Lipstick & Creepy Baby Dolls
Makeup and macabre antiques may not be the most obvious pairing, but for Bunny Meyer, the effervescent brain behind the YouTube channel Grav3yardgirl, they go together like "energizer" and, well, you know. The Texas native, who has a devoted following of over 6 million subscribers (which she calls her "Swamp Family"), charms fans with her larger-than-life personality, which can be seen in full force on her chatty vlogs and video series "Does this Thing Really Work?" That's where Meyer gets to play guinea pig, experimenting with new (and oftentimes outlandish) products.
Ironically, Meyer's cheery channel got started in a not-so-sunny way. She began vlogging in 2010 after an injury from a car accident prevented her from pursing a favorite hobby: sewing. "I felt directionless," she says. "I've always struggled with anxiety and depression." To lift her spirits and get out of a creative slump, Bunny took the advice of a friend and uploaded her first video to YouTube — a review on fake nails. From there, she began posting videos about her myriad interests, which range from fashion and beauty to ghost hunting and antiques.
Now, Meyer has teamed up with Beautycon Media to produce a Beautycon box (available for $29), which contains some of her favorite products. In honor of the launch, I chatted with Meyer about her new beauty box, her ascendence to YouTube fame, and of course, creepy baby dolls.
Where do you think your passion for makeup came from?"I was always into acting and the portrayal of characters, and I honestly think it was from just watching so many movies and TV shows... I grew up being obsessed with horror movies — The Twilight Zone, that old Vincent Price genre, and [just] creating different characters. I've done so many wild things with my makeup... I loved wearing red lipstick in the second grade, because Cat Woman wore red lipstick. It's that [feeling] that you can play with something and put a mask or costume on and wash it all off. There's just an element of magic to that for me."What is the relationship between your interest in paranormal experiences and the origin of your username, Grav3yardgirl?"I have always loved creepy, spooky stuff [like] ghost stories and paranormal shows... I used to go and sit in the graveyard... I don't think I always got the greatest feeling from doing that. I really don't do that anymore at all.
"Grav3yardgirl actually came from an M83 song, and honestly, it was just a song I really liked. It's not spelled the same way or anything, but I definitely took inspiration from it. I've always loved creepy stuff and I thought Grav3yardgirl was perfect for my life."
What is your biggest beauty regret?"I don't think I could help it but I'd like to be less clumsy. I still have a scar from a "Does this Thing Really Work?" video that I did last year. I wasn't as careful as I should have been with a 400 degree curling iron, and it touched my leg. Now, I have a triangle-shaped scar.
"[But] I wouldn't say I regret [anything]... Makeup and beauty are temporary. You can just change your clothes and wash your face and you've got a brand new blank canvas to do something else with."Is there a product you've tried for "Does this Thing Really Work?" that you still use to this day?"Oh my gosh there are so many that I still use... [The product from] my new video over the weekend is my new obsession. It's a spray-paint manicure. You can do all your nails in under two minutes because you just put on this base coat and spray paint your nails and then seal it with a top coat and you have a perfect manicure. It's wild."What is one beauty item you can't live without?"That would have to be my red lipstick. I have so many [favorites] but I probably most often wear MAC's Ruby Woo. It's such a wonderful red. I love blue-reds — [they] look so great!"What is the first beauty product you ever used?"They don't even make it anymore, but I had a foundation that I started using when I was in theater [that I] held onto for the longest time. Even if you watch some of my first makeup videos, I was still using MaxFactor Pancake Makeup. As it was being phased out I [started] going online to order it in bulk because I was so convinced that I wasn't going to be able to find anything else that I like. It's so funny, because now I look forward to new foundations and I'm definitely not afraid to get out there and try a bunch of different stuff."
So much of your job requires baring your soul to the internet. How do you deal with negativity?"I have a pretty tough skin. I have been bullied my whole life... People will go on my channel and leave smart-aleck or insulting comments like, 'Oh, you've got horse teeth,' and I'm like, 'Really? This isn't even creative anymore.' [It's] the same stuff I heard when I was in the second grade.
"I always tell people you can't pay any attention to [negativity], because no matter what you do in life, whether it's school or a job, somebody is always going to try and discourage you and stop you from being yourself... If there's somebody out there saying nasty stuff, just block them and delete their comments. You can't stop it, it's just unfortunately part of online culture that there will be trolls... I just like to keep my online space as absolutely positive as it can be... I clean out comments that are very negative. I have my slogan of 'ignore it, stay sassy, and move on.' That's what we in the Swamp Family say when someone is being nasty."
What was the experience of curating your box like? How did you choose which products to include?"Some of the things that have irritated me in the past [about beauty boxes] is that they will send you a shampoo that's for straight hair but what if you have curly hair? I was trying to be mindful of all different skin tones and skin types, and focusing more on basics and necessities that absolutely everyone could use.
"I love [the makeup wipes in the box because] they have charcoal in them so they are very helpful for drawing out impurities. Another product that I was dead-set on having was a Beauty Blender, so we have the two Beauty Blender Minis [in the box]. You can use those with anything — concealer, highlight, contour, basically any liquid product.
"The keychain is definitely one of the items that I'm most excited about. I'm obsessed with creepy old baby dolls. I feel like that's a big part of my life and I've done so many uncommon objects hauls and [videos to] show people my collection of creepy babies... We actually took one of my antique dolls from the 1800s and casted it to make those keychains. So that's actually a doll from my collection."What is your relationship with your Swamp Family of subscribers?"If I could have a meet-and-greet every week I would. It's always so amazing to see everybody and hear their stories. The positivity that I hear from being in our community and hearing how many friends people have been able to make on social media, that was always my goal. Before I started my channel, there were so many times [when] I would feel so alone and sad. That's what I wanted to try and help other people with. If you can just make one friend out there, then this is an amazing thing that we've done. I never take the credit for that."

Beauty Bar By Clarins

Beauty Bar By Clarins
usually be my first choice when choosing a facial but it seems I’ve been missing a trick! Quick and effective skin pick-me-ups during your lunch break? What’s not to love?!
Clarins really have got this spot on; set back from the shop floor in a beautifully lit alcove, with just the right tempo of music (blurring the bustle of the customers rather than trying to mask it) I instantly began to relax. The pristine product bottles all sitting perfectly with the labels facing forward did wonders for the neat-freak in me too!
There is a choice of 8 different 30 minute treatments, all tailored towards our most common skin needs. I felt like I needed them all! So my therapist Claire, helped choose the best treatment for me based on my concerns and her observations.
I had the Skin Care Workout facial- Claire described it as having all the effective products and massage techniques from the Clarins Spa cleverly condensed into a time-maximising session. It was so relaxing, I didn’t feel like I was in a department store at all, and my skin loved it! The best part for me was having the Clarins BB cream and mascara applied at the end so I didn’t feel ‘naked’ heading back through the beauty hall!
The Clarins Beauty Bar is really worth a visit; great for a quick skin boost or pre-event prep! It’s also ideal for last minute skin ‘emergencies’ (you need to book but availability is good because of the short time slots). I walked off with a clear explanation of what products were used and why, a future treatment plan, and a smile! I’ll definitely be back.

Makeup tips as we grow older

Makeup tips as we grow older
  • Growing older is not an excuse to ditch your authentic self. Just because you reach a certain age doesn’t mean you have to stop activities that you've always enjoyed or change your style to suit society’s expectation for what you should or shouldn’t wear.
    You don’t need to chop off all your hair on your 60th birthday, and you absolutely can let your natural white or gray hair reveal itself. It’s the same with makeup. If you’ve always loved a bold lip color, keep wearing it! If you like a bit of pastel eye shadow, go for it!
    But you have to acknowledge that your body is changing and that means your skin is changing, too. With a few adjustments, you can still wear the makeup shades you’ve always loved, but in a way that doesn't seem like you’re trying too hard or conforming to others’ ideas for how you should look.
    With aging comes a plethora of skin issues that affect how makeup is applied and how it looks. Fine lines and wrinkles are top concerns as we get older, and sometimes makeup can exasperate those issues if not applied correctly.
    I find that mineral makeup, especially the powder formulas, are not good for mature skin. The powder seeps into any wrinkle, big or small, and really ages you. I recommend a tinted moisturizer for mature skin. It gives you a light, natural-looking coverage, but also lets skin breathe. Use a face primer first to help fill in lines and wrinkles so that your tinted moisturizer can sit on top, rather than settle into, wrinkles.
    Age spots are another annoyance we encounter as we get older. Age spots are due to sun exposure and are hard to erase. Serums and creams containing hydroquinone can help diminish age spots, especially when used in conjunction with sunscreen and abstaining from sun exposure all together. Covering age spots can be tricky, too.
    A full-coverage concealer can help hide age spots. Use a shade slightly lighter than your spot. Be sure to blend the concealer outward to the edges of the spots and blend very well, patting the concealer into the skin.
    Stay away from too much shimmer on mature skin. It can highlight lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes. A small amount of shimmer is okay on the lids, but keep it to a minimum, and reserve for nighttime events.
    Frost shadows are a definite no-no, as they will undoubtedly draw attention to wrinkles on and around the eyes. Matte colors are best to bring some definition to the eyes, without showcasing crepey skin that we oftentimes encounter as we age.
    Another tip for eyes is to opt for a brown mascara over a black one. Black can be too harsh, and if you have wrinkles around the eyes, you really want to soften your look. Brown mascara can still define lashes, but it is a much more forgiving shade than black.
    Page 2 of 2 - Perioral wrinkles around the lips (those vertical wrinkles around the mouth) are especially prevalent in women over the age of 40 who smoke or have smoked or have had excessive sun exposure. These lines can really stand out when wearing a bold lip color or a lip color with a matte finish. Color can bleed into these lines, resulting in a not so polished look.
    You can still wear a bright shade of lip color but make sure it’s a moisturizing formula or even a gloss. (Avoid frosty-finished lipsticks at all costs!) Gently line and fill in the lips with a lip liner that is a shade similar to the lip color you’d like to apply and top it off with your lipstick or gloss. Your lips will still have a burst of color, but you won’t risk the unwanted bleeding that could result by not lining and filling in the lips.
    Aging is a process, and you have to change your routine from what you might be accustomed to. Heavy foundations and eye makeup do not make a person look younger. By applying these tips to your daily makeup routine, you will find that your mature skin will appear softer, younger, and much more luminous.
    Sometimes change is good, but you don’t have to sacrifice your belief system and style to fit into a mold set by society. You can continue to wear and do whatever you like, but embrace your age and realize that age really is just a number. It’s how you convey that number that matters.
    Liz Fuller is a makeup artist and owner of Makeup Artistry, Inc.(www.makeupartistryinc.com) in Hingham. She also hosts a beauty TV show called The Lipstick Lounge for Hingham Community Access and Media (HCAM). Any beauty-related questions for The Beauty Bar column can be directed to Liz at makeupartistryinc@gmail.com. Unfortunately, questions cannot be responded to personally, but Liz will hold onto each question and answer it as it pertains to the subject of each month’s column.
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    Bar Refaeli shows first hint of her growing baby bump

    Bar Refaeli shows first hint of her growing baby bump
    Bar Refaeli has one gorgeous pregnancy glow. The newlywed, who is expecting her first child with her husband Adi Ezra, was the picture of health and happiness as she stepped out for the People Style Awards on Monday night.

    The mum-to-be looked pretty in a crimson red, floral lace dress. As she turned from side to side for the cameras, photographers were able to see just a hint of Bar's growing baby bump.

    The 30-year-old was accompanied by her mum Tzipi Levine, who was also a famous Israeli model in the seventies.



    Bar Refaeli announced her first pregancy in January

    Once inside the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Munich, Bar was seated next to German actress Sunnyi Melles. The blonde-haired beauty was pictured touching her bump as she chatted to her fellow guests.

    Bar had another moment in the spotlight when she went up to accept her award. She sweetly kissed her mum before taking to the stage, where she was presented with a gold trophy and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


    The 30-year-old model is expecting a baby girl with her husband Adi Ezra

    Bar announced her pregnancy in January by sharing a picture of a positive pregnancy test. The catwalk queen, who married her businessman husband in late September, wrote "2016 is going to be like..." followed by a baby emoji.

    She also recently revealed the sex of her baby, posting an Instagram photo of a gift she received from Stella McCartney. "My baby girl's first ever outfit," she wrote.

    The news comes after the expectant mum revealed to HELLO! Fashion that she wants to raise a "big Jewish family".


    "Hopefully, I'll have a big family, but I'll take it one by one," said Bar

    "I think this will be a decade of family," she said. "I come from a family of four children. A lot of mums could read this and think 'Yeah, try having one first'. Hopefully, I'll have a big family, but I'll take it one by one."

    Talking about Adi's romantic proposal in March, the 5ft 9 beauty explained it was a total shock. "Obviously I said 'yes'! It was very surprising but we were very happy," she said. "Everything fits and everything is just right."

    Speaking to HELLO!'s sister publication HOLA! about the emotional wedding day, Bar added: "Our parents were with us at the ceremony. When my mum took my hand, I couldn't stop crying."

    L'Oreal Creates Unbranded Content Hub to Woo Beauty Fans

    L'Oreal Creates Unbranded Content Hub to Woo Beauty Fans
    In a world that's all about return on investment, why would a major marketer invest in a global content hub that carries no branding and no e-commerce -- and happily showcases rival brands?
    L'Oreal -- the world's third biggest marketer, with a $5.3 billion budget, according to the Ad Age Datacenter, has done just that.
    The French beauty giant, best known for mass market campaigns featuring mainstream celebrities like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez, has created Fab Beauty, a stylish, low-key site that targets only the most dedicated and in-the-know beauty aficionados.
    An Verhulst-Santos, president of the L'Oreal professional products division, explained, "We've always said our job is to launch brands and products, but also to promote and endorse the industry of beauty. It's an industry people relate to, and we are lucky that it's so inspiring and engaging."
    The content of Fab (which stands for "flair, artistry, beauty" and launched quietly last summer) is driven by key beauty and fashion influencers who pinpoint trends and offer a pass to backstage beauty secrets, as well as exploring diverse cultures and beauty rituals from around the world.
    L'Oreal is looking to Fab not for mass sales but to secure quality engagement. Ms. Verhulst-Santos said, "This is about neutrality, experience, and craft, not about a product destination -- we have other places to do that."
    Dan Williams, a planner at Leo Burnett's luxury and lifestyle division, said, "Only confident brands can do this. It's a smart way to engage an audience when everyone else is pushing messages. And it's a good testing bed -- you can use the data to inform your brand and its products."
    L'Oreal is not alone in seeking alternatives to the hard sell. LVMH's content hub, Nowness, is an ultra-cool, unbranded site that showcases established and emerging film-makers.
    If you look hard enough at Fab, you can find the occasional, subtle mention of a L'Oreal product -- perhaps via a link to a blogger, or the mention of a brand spokesperson -- but you are just as likely to read about rival beauty brands Clarins or La Prairie. LVMH's Nowness also mentions the odd LVMH label, but it recently demonstrated its lack of bias by featuring a new Calvin Klein ad as its main story of the day.
    Ad Age Events
    Are you ready to market in an ad-free world? Join savvy marketers -- Frank Copper of BuzzFeed; Ev Williams of Medium; Jill Cress of MasterCard, and more -- along with Andy Cohen of “Watch What Happens Live” to learn how to create authentic content. Register now.
    Learn more
    "Nowness is a place to go if you are into fashion and art," Mr. Williams said, "Louis Vuitton could be seen as a traditional prestige group, but this keeps it current and fresh, and embedded in a new creative class."
    Other marketers are also leaning towards minimally-branded content. ASOS has become a content creator as well as a fashion brand, making podcasts about female entrepreneurs that make no mention of ASOS. And upmarket Australian skincare brand Aesop has created "The Fabulist," an online project featuring fiction and non-fiction writers which it describes as "a bi-monthly literary gesture."
    Mr. Williams said, "It's easy to say you are a lifestyle brand, but if you put money into non-commercial products, you are proving it. L'Oreal has made a powerful, smart move -- it makes sense to grow the category and raise goodwill -- while ASOS is showing that it understands a young female audience and embedding itself in culture."
    Fab launched last summer, and its audience is slowly growing. Social media figures are modest: Twitter 7,000, Instagram 729, and Facebook 137. But Fab's bounce rate is less than 25%, according to L'Oreal (which says the industry standard is 40% to 70%), and viewers, who come from 150 countries around the world, spend an average of more than two minutes per article on the site.
    "We are still at the beginning of the adventure. For Fab, success is about having curated content that gradually brings in the audience and gets positive feedback. You can't build that in one year," Ms. Verhulst-Santos said.